MWWOC_badgeAt Teacher’s Notebook, we do our best to give you the latest tips to help grow your shops into profitable businesses you can be proud of. But we have a confession. We are not the best sources of information – it’s the successful shopkeepers we are fortunate to have on the TN platform that really make Teacher’s Notebook what it is. It’s with this in mind that we are reaching out to the shopkeepers who are growing their businesses to give us their advice for the fledgling shopkeepers out there.

This week we are fortunate to have Crystal Wyatt from Mrs. Wyatt’s Wise Owl Teacher Creations to share her thoughts and tips that have helped her grow her shop on Teacher’s Notebook. Mrs. Wyatt’s Wise Owl Teacher Creations aims to help fellow teachers and their students rediscover their potential in the classroom. With 14 years of experience, Mrs. Wyatt understands that students learn best when they’re engaged in hands-on learning.

Here’s Tips for Building Your Shop from Mrs.Wyatt’s Wise Owl Teacher Creations

Hi Everyone,


I am Crystal Wyatt from Mrs. Wyatt’s Wise Owl Teacher Creations. I have been a shop keeper on Teachers Notebook for about two years.  Throughout these two years I have learned many strategies in growing my business and I want to share some of these easy tips with you.


  1. Time — It will take time to create quality products. Take your time and create products that you would want to use in your classroom. Remember, it is not about the number of products, but rather the quality of your products. The bottom line for me is I want my products to be something that simulates little minds. My ultimate goal is for our children to want to become lifelong learners.
  2. Quality Clipart—Good quality clipart will bring your creative ideas to life. Teachers Notebook has many talented clipart shops and it is always great for us to support each other.
  3. Take Advantage of all of the FREE Promotional Tools— Teachers Notebook has many free promotional tools and I use them all the time. Here’s how I use them:
  • Giveaways — I have one or two giveaways a month. This is a great way to get new people into your shop. Also, I typically sale more of a giveaway item because some customers love the product so much they will go ahead and make a purchase.
  • Teachers Notebook Newsletter—Each week TN sends out a newsletter. Be sure to submit a paid and a free product each week. I have been in the news letter several times and this helped bring people to my shop.
  • Shop News Feed—Be sure to submit a product, your shop sale, a giveaway and/or you shop to TN shops news.
  • Flash Freebies—Flash Freebies are items in your shop that are free for a limited time. There are multiple ways to set up flash freebies: buy one get one free, free to followers etc. This is another excellent way to tell followers and customers thank you for support.
  • Pinning Parties—This is a wonderful way to collaborate with other shops and promote your products. Plus you get to “meet” some of the most amazing shopkeepers. I have found that the shopkeepers on TN are some of the most supportive educators.
  1. Emails—Take time to email your customers, followers, and giveaway participates. Inform them about new products, freebies, giveaways, sales, and any other exciting news about your shop.
  2. FreebiesEveryone LOVES Freebies! Let your customers know that you truly are thankful for their support by creating quality freebies that they can use in their classroom. More than likely if they love your freebies they will purchase some of your paid products too.

I hope that you find these tips practical and will assist you in building your Teachers Notebook Shop.


Best Wishes,

Crystal Wyatt

Thank you so much, Crystal for sharing your insights with the Teacher’s Notebook Shops. Remember, you can find Mrs. Wyatt’s Wise Owl Teacher Creations here on TeachersNotebook,com

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