Technology is permeating every aspect of our lives, and the classroom is no exception. In fact, this interactive, interconnected world presents new opportunities to turn the classroom into a more positive and effective space for your students, their parents, and you. With the calendar almost ready to roll over into a new year, it’s a great time to discover new tools to enhance your classroom while you have some downtime.

So if you’re looking to take a technological leap in your classroom, here are a few tools you may want to check out today:

Want a happier class? Invite them to the dojo.

Name: ClassDojo

Price: Free!

Available on: iOS, Android, and desktop computers (with a compatible browser) reinforces classroom behavior in a new and interesting way. This
classroom management software recognizes positive and negative behavior in
real time and turns it into a game. Positive behavior is rewarded with points
and a chime, while poor behavior loses points and includes a sad, losing sound.
Kids can choose their own avatar and parents can opt-in to get reports on how
their student is doing in class.

Want an engaged class? Get socrative.


Name: Socrative

Price: Free!

Available on: iOS, Android, ChromeOS, Windows 8/10, and desktop computers (with a compatible browser)

Engage and assess students easily on computers, smartphones, and/or laptops
with Socrative. This software provides real-time interaction with students in a
number of ways including quizzes, quick questions, space races, and more. As a
teacher you get instant feedback, personalized content, and reports to show how
your students are doing without needing your grade book.

Want looped-in students and parents? Remind them.


Name: Remind

Price: Free!

Available on: iOS, Android, ChromeOS, and desktop computers (with a compatible browser) is an easy-to-use way to stay in touch with parents and students instantly. This free service provides safe, secure, and efficient communications including announcements and chat capability on any compatible device. It’s a great way to build a relationship with students and parents as well as instill (at a young age) that communication is key.

What’s next?

These are 3 great solutions to get you started with classroom apps and tools. If you’ve already found a great one for your classroom, we’d love to hear about it! If you don’t know or can’t think of an app or tool, what would you like to see?

Email us or comment below, and we’ll be sure to review it!

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