10 tips to boost your confidence during parent-teacher conferences

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There are few words that drive fear into the hearts of teachers everywhere as parent-teacher conferences. If you’re feeling waves of panic over the prospect of pouting parents, fear not—a few expert teachers from the Teacher’s Notebook community gave us their best advice for successful parent-teacher conferences. Whether this is your first year teaching or… Read more »

5 Tips for keeping kids active throughout the day

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It doesn’t take many weeks into the school year before you start noticing a change in your students. Gone is the excitement generated at the beginning of the school year when learning is fresh. Now, students are struggling to stay on task. To boost engagement, give your learners ways to stay active throughout the day…. Read more »

Some summer advice for a less stressful school year

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Summer break. These two words are sweet music to the ears of students and teachers alike. With summer comes the long-awaited, well-deserved break from getting up early, making sure you get to class on time, getting homework done (or, in the shoes of a teacher, getting homework graded and passed back), attending after-school activities, etc…. Read more »

TEACHER TIP: The tool that can increase classroom productivity in less than 10 minutes

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Sometimes getting students to focus on the task at hand can be more difficult than catching a soapy two-year-old (you may have to trust us on that one!). Fortunately, Mrs. Mc from Mrs. Mc’s Shop has an outstanding, simple tool to help boost your classroom’s productivity when you need it most. In fact, it’s so… Read more »