Add digital papers into PowerPoint for professional results

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Knowing how to make great looking products is one of the first challenges new shopkeepers face. Luckily, Catia Dias is a Teacher’s Notebook Shopkeeper that knows her way around PowerPoint. She was gracious enough to put this tutorial together that can help make your products look a little nicer. Take it away, Catia: Once in… Read more »

Keeping skills sharp through the summer months

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This special guest post from Sunshine and Lollipops who offers a few ideas on how to keep student’s skills sharp through the summer months so they are ready to learn in the fall. We all know how we wish our students would work during the summer to keep all the skills and strategies that they… Read more »

Confessions of a teacher-mother

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Jewel Pastor shares her experience balancing work and family in today’s blog post. Almost six months after my daughter was born, I found myself going back to work. Though my little family’s life is filled with new found joy and laughter because of the arrival of our first child, our savings were quickly diminishing and… Read more »

Stay connected through social media

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One of the best things you can do as a Teachers Notebook shopkeeper is to diversify your methods of communication to grow your fan base. Naturally, many of our shopkeepers have a correlating blog for their shop to serve as a central hub of information. To enhance that blog, many create a social atmosphere surrounding… Read more »

Shopkeeper marketing tips

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With thousands of shopkeepers in the Teachers Notebook family, we want to make sure you stay updated with tips and ideas to improve your shop. Stay up to date by following the Shopkeepers section of the blog for new posts with tips on managing your shop, common questions, ideas for materials and more! For this… Read more »

Welcome to the Teachers Notebook blog

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Welcome, welcome, welcome to the Teachers Notebook blog! We hope this blog extends the Teachers Notebook community by providing teaching tips, shopkeeper best practices, general updates about Teachers Notebook and much more! Advice from other teachers Most of our posts will be to further help teachers with lesson planning and classroom activities. You will see… Read more »