Google tips for busy teachers

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So many teachers are blessed to have Google Apps in their school, but some of us don’t know how to use it effectively! This post from Brenda Martin describes 20 quick tips teachers can use to save time and energy using a resource they already have. When I came back from a great conference, I felt reenergized and very excited about sharing the… Read more »

Shopkeeper tip: Join a Pinning Party!

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Using Pinterest is a great way to gain exposure for your Teachers Notebook shop, as well as build connections with other teacher-authors. Pinning parties are short lived promotions where participating shops pin each other’s products on Pinterest to gain more exposure then they could by themselves. To start a pinning party of your own, please… Read more »

Shopkeeper Tip: Participate in a Daily Deal!

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Daily Deals are a great way to advertise your products and significantly boost your exposure to Teachers Notebook’s 50,000+ daily visitors. Daily Deals are promoted in the most popular areas of the website and on our social media pages giving you great visibility. To bid on a Daily Deal, please follow the steps below: Log… Read more »

Ideas for OverDrive in the Classroom Contest

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We have received a few inquiries from shops looking for further clarification about the OverDrive in the Classroom Contest, so we thought it would be beneficial to outline some examples. One of the easiest examples would be if you already have activities surrounding a particular title that is in the OverDrive network. We have several… Read more »

Try a Flash Freebies promotion

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Our newest promotional tool, Flash Freebies, is now open to all shopkeepers. The tool is designed for you to offer a paid product to a selected group of members free for a limited time. You have complete control of when the promotion runs, how many downloads are allowed, and which segment of members can access… Read more »

OverDrive in the Classroom Contest

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The Teachers Notebook and OverDrive partnership is designed to help teachers integrate technology into the classroom. Many teachers using OverDrive are heading to Teachers Notebook looking for lesson plans and classroom activities related to using OverDrive in the classroom. We’re calling all shopkeepers to modify existing materials or create some new ones that are applicable… Read more »

Shopkeeper tip: Run a Giveaway!

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Looking for a way to promote a product? Why not try scheduling a Giveaway? Product giveaways promote the item, brand, and image. A properly executed giveaway can showcase your shop and draw attention to your other teaching essentials. Best of all – Teachers Notebook does everything for you. We pick the random winner(s) and then… Read more »

Shopkeeper tip: Run a sale!

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  Have you even ran a sale for your Teachers Notebook products? If not, now is a great time to start! Sales are valuable for seasonal products and a great vehicle for announcing new products. We frequently feature Shop Sales on our Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter pages, so you get even more exposure! To run… Read more »