OverDrive in the Classroom Contest winners!

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We wrapped up the OverDrive in the Classroom Contest at the end of May with tons of submissions! As a reminder, this contest was designed to help generate awareness of the benefits of the OverDrive and Teachers Notebook partnership for our shops. We will soon be starting a pilot program with OverDrive to integrate products from… Read more »

Avoid the Summer Slide

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Most educators are familiar with the term “summer slide” or “summer slump.” It is what happens to most school-aged children every summer when their brains are not kept active and they have to relearn things or they fall behind at the start of the school year. To combat the summer slide, it is important for… Read more »

End of the school year!

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June is finally here! Teachers everywhere are either done with class, or they can see the light at the end of the tunnel. As you are counting down the days in your classroom and day dreaming about your summer plans, think about how Teachers Notebook can be a resource for you. We’re here to help… Read more »

Get Caught Reading: Improving fluency and comprehension using audiobooks

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To celebrate Get Caught Reading month, we are doing a series of posts from our shopkeepers filled with techniques to encourage your students to read. Next in the series, we have an idea from Selma Dawani to use audiobooks to improve your students’ comprehension. Struggling readers that are working to decode word by word often miss the… Read more »

The entries are coming in!

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By now, you have probably heard about the OverDrive in the Classroom Contest. We are looking for shopkeepers to enter materials related to books or videos available from OverDrive. Some of the entries so far relate to a particular book and have a lesson plan or activity surrounding that title. Others are OverDrive focused activities,… Read more »