Help us Sock It to Cancer!

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Every day 42 children are diagnosed with cancer. 1 in 8 will not survive. Have you ever had a student become diagnosed with cancer? Have you taught any survivors? Have you ever wondered how you can help? Teacher’s Notebook is partnering up with CureSearch on their Sock It to Cancer program. What is CureSearch? CureSearch… Read more »

Learning wall

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Can You Read It shares an idea to help primary grade teachers keep students on track with their learning goals with a “let’s learn wall.” As kindergarten teachers we have always worked so hard and had so many daily goals for our students. Yet because many of our activities can appear to be just play,… Read more »

Simple strategies that can help your child become a math superstar

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You don’t have to cringe at the thought of math. Here are some simple, real life activities suggested by Algebra for Everybody that you can incorporate in your regular routine to help you and your child become more comfortable and competent with math. Reading, writing and arithmetic are the three most essential skills your child… Read more »

How to differentiate instruction

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Shopkeeper Middle Grades Math shares some ideas to help differentiate instruction in your classroom and provides recommended resources to get you started. How do I differentiate instruction and handle the juggling act? 1. Create and give a diagnostic assessment (pretest) at the beginning of the unit to ensure students have the prerequisite skills. Form groups… Read more »

Extrinsic motivation: A key variable in enhancing intrinsic motivation

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There has often been debate on extrinsic motivation versus intrinsic motivation. Some educationists are of the opinion that external rewards tend to stifle and hinder the development of intrinsic motivation, while others believe this is the exact opposite. TeachToTell shares her thoughts on the subject below and provides some best practices for shopkeepers creating new… Read more »

Tech Tuesday: Oxford Owl

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Shopkeeper Common Core Connection shares a tip for incorporating technology into an early reader’s routine. I have been searching for sites that offer high quality eBooks that students can read both in the classroom and at home, and I recently came across Oxford Owl. Have you seen this site? It currently offers 250 eBooks on… Read more »