soe2Chances are the halls where you make your second home are quieting down.

There’s less laughter and horseplay.

Far more vacant desks.

School is winding down for another year.

And although the lessons may have stopped, you are still hard at work and have a lot to do before August. Maybe you’re instructing at summer camps or tutoring students that need extra attention in a particular subject. Perhaps you are attending staff meetings or educational technology conferences. Some of you may even work a second job in the summer.

We get it, summers can be a real busy time for a teacher, and sometimes that “break” isn’t much of a break at all.

Before your planners fill up with these tasks and another summer gets away from you, Teacher’s Notebook wanted to invite you to a special summer event we are calling, The Summer of Empowerment.

Without trying to sound too “new age,” The Summer of Empowerment is all about giving you the chance to shape the way you teach without administrators looking over your shoulder. This is the time find ways to do things so that you know they’ll work. You can form lessons to help your students grow in remarkable ways before parents and the clock start dictating your goals and projects.

This is the time to take control of your career—your passion—and make it remarkable.

Teacher’s Notebook is going to make it easier for you this summer by sharing new insights from teachers just like you. We want to help you do your best and keep you up to date with the latest teaching techniques and resources. We’ll help you get ready for the year ahead, and we’ll have a blast doing it!

We want to create a community of like-minded teachers to foster creativity in the classroom—empowering one another to bring out our best work. Hopefully, we can inspire real change through fresh perspectives and ideas.

At Teacher’s Notebook we want you to take what you know and affect countless lives across the country (and even around the world) by creating outstanding resources that foster growth in our students. We also want to give teachers back a measure of their most important and valuable asset: time.

Speaking of time, we aren’t going to ask for too much of your time to get this thing rolling, but it could make a very real difference to your students and their parents, your schools, and you as a teacher.

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