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April is National Poetry Month. No matter the grade level, encouraging a child to read a wide variety of books & poems is an important part of their education that you can give them. That doesn’t mean it will be easy to convince them to choose Dr. Seuss over Minecraft.

Here’s a collection of tips and tricks from he Teachers Lounge to encourage reading in your classroom:

Have a reading competition

Each month, host a competition to encourage reading outside the home. Have students keep a reading log and collect it at the end of the month or grading period. Simple information like date, pages read, and book information should be enough. Whoever reads the most books during each competition wins a small prize.

goalDevelop a class goal

Set a certain number of books you want the class to read as a whole over a set amount of time. Perhaps you want an average of 5 books per student plus 5 read in class. Keep track on a chart with stickers so students know where they stand, and if your goal is met after that period of time, have a small book-themed celebration! This will encourage both teamwork and reading.

ideaMake comprehension fun

While comprehension is highly important, quizzes and tests get boring to the young mind. Test their comprehension in a fun way instead. Try a review game or a crossword puzzle that tests the knowledge students have retained from the book.

Start a reading club

To encourage those to read, start a book club with your class or even the whole grade. Each month choose a book to read and have a monthly meeting to do activities relating to the book. This makes out-of-school reading fun and encourages socialization within the grade!

Have book themed class activities

To keep the love of reading alive, do specific activities that work into the book you are currently reading as a class. Dress up as characters in the book. Eat food related to the setting. Do a project on the author. Be creative and have fun!


So how do you encourage reading in your classroom? Enter your answers below!

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