The Key to Student Engagement

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Every year states seem to use a new metric to show if a student is hitting learning goals. As a result, teachers are feeling the strain of constantly being tested for effectiveness and are looking for answers. We’re asking some of our top shops how they meet the challenge. Jennifer T of the shop EngagingLessons… Read more »

How to Use Interactive Notebook Graphic Organizers in Your Classroom

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Keeping students engaged throughout the day is a major challenge for even the best teachers. Interactive notebook graphic organizers are a great way to pull a student into a lesson or subject and help organize their thoughts and how they process information. And thanks to Crystal over at Mrs. Wyatt’s Wise Owl Teacher Creations, they’re easy to incorporate! In this article you’ll… Read more »

6 Tips for a Stress Free Informal Observation

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Whether you’re new to teaching or a veteran, informal observations can often bring about fear in many teachers. Knowing this, Jenn over at PrintablePrompts has used her experience to write an in-depth article to help you overcome the stress of your next observation. Take it away, Jenn… _______________________________________________________________________ Does your heart sink when the principal… Read more »

10 Ways to Increase Student Engagement in the Classroom

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As you can probably guess, there’s no one way to connect to a student as a teacher. Luckily, Lynn of TiePlay Educational Resources sat down to write about some of the ways you can engage effectively with students in the classroom. Here’s Lynn: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ “Hello class….And now for today’s lecture on….” Remember hearing this in… Read more »

5 Tips to Keep Your Classroom Running Smoothly

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Organizing a classroom is no easy task. Whether you’re looking for a few new tips or a complete strategy to get your room in order, this article from Sunshine and Lollipops is just what you need. Take it away S&L! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Flash back….it’s August 28th and I’ve just found out I will be teaching first grade. That… Read more »

The 6 Steps to Keeping Technology Organized in the Classroom

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Organizing and storing technology in the classroom can be hard to manage. When you add students to the mix, it becomes even more challenging. Brittany, from Washburn’s Room struggled with this too. To make things easier, she put together a system to organize her classroom tech – and she’s seen wonderful results. If you finding… Read more »

3 Ways to Help Students Become Active Members of Your Classroom

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Every teacher wants to make their classroom a welcoming place where each student feels included. But what do you do when there’s a student that doesn’t seem as engaged as you hope? This guest post from Sunshine and Lollipops gives 3 suggestions on how to help students feel included and relate to you and their… Read more »

10 tips to boost your confidence during parent-teacher conferences

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There are few words that drive fear into the hearts of teachers everywhere as parent-teacher conferences. If you’re feeling waves of panic over the prospect of pouting parents, fear not—a few expert teachers from the Teacher’s Notebook community gave us their best advice for successful parent-teacher conferences. Whether this is your first year teaching or… Read more »