Teaching through move/dance and freeze games

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Action Songs for Teaching and Learning! Special education and Al shares 10 great variations of the move and freeze game for teaching younger kids anything from shapes, to numbers, to you name it! Freeze games have stood the test of time and there is a reason. They are nutrition for our brains. Brains always seek more… Read more »

Writing center for creative stories and math word problems

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Dr. Clements’ Kindergarten shares a creative activity for writing and math centers using a few inexpensive supplies bought from her local Dollar Tree. I just love the Dollar Tree! I went in to get 2 items and came out with way too much stuff. Check out these cute stamps! I couldn’t resist the temptation to purchase… Read more »

From classroom to intervention

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Today’s blog post details Chalkspot.com’s journey from classroom teacher to classroom support teacher. Have you ever had an unexpected shift in your career? Tell us about it in the comments! I remember like it was yesterday. My classroom was sparkling, the desk tags were laid with care, the school year’s new theme was emblazoned on the outside… Read more »

10 research-based tips for reading with your child

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Find out how to read effectively with your child by Elizabeth Hah. Research has shown that the level of a child’s vocabulary in the home before heading off to school is an important indicator for school-readiness as well as predicting later academic achievement. Of course, this is not set in stone but, if we as… Read more »

Tech Tuesday: Incorporating technology in the classroom

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Looking for suggestions of websites and activities for your classroom to incorporate more technology? Teacherof20 shares some of her recent finds. One of the main differences occurring in education besides increased accountability is the way we implement technology in our classrooms. At a recent staff meeting we were told that test scores will need to reflect… Read more »

Daily 5 checking in

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Mrs. Beattie’s Classroom shares an organizational strategy to ensure students are independently working on all Daily 5 activities. After many attempts at different management tricks, I’ve finally found the perfect way to manage student check-ins for my Daily 5 program! I have been using a Daily 5 organization during my literacy block, but struggled all year… Read more »