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There are still snowflakes all around, but Valentine’s Day is approaching! Candy, parties, and lots of love will soon be taking over our classroom 🙂  We love celebrating Valentine’s Day, but it can be hard to lose valuable learning time.  My solution to this…Task Cards! I have been creating lots of task cards for various holidays, and I just love them! They’re easy to use and can be done in groups, individually, or whole class.  They’re a great way to incorporate the holiday with the subject at hand.  The Valentine’s Day Task Cards that I inlcuded below cover adverbs, adjectives, and to/too/two.  Students identify the adverb, adjective, and proper use of to/too/two in sentences related to Valentine’s Day.  
I will offer a Flash Freebie for the to/too/two set if this post is accepted!


Valentine Love From Pages of Grace 🙂

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