Listening skills are important for smooth classroom management

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Close your eyes and envision your classroom. Is it loud? Are students not paying attention? Do you ever wonder why your students aren’t better listeners? This is a great post from Selma Dawani with ideas to help your students develop listening skills. Listening is an important learning and communication skill that is emphasized in the common… Read more »

How I manage differentiated spelling lists

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Listen up! Mrs. A. Colwell’s Creations shares some valuable advice regarding why you should differentiate your spelling lists and how to get started. It took me until my seventh year of teaching to be ready to tackle differentiated weekly spelling words. Now that I’ve had two years of success with it, I’m never going back!… Read more »

Help kids develop fine motor skills while building fact families

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When kids really “build” fact families, they remember them well. Here’s a tip from Common Core Connection for helping kids develop fine motor skills while learning math facts. Awhile back, I saw a great idea on Pinterest where the students were using clothes pins and craft sticks to build sight words. I loved the idea… Read more »

Gobble up these Thanksgiving freebies

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The holidays are a stressful time. Let us help make holiday planning in the classroom a breeze! Here are some of our favorite free Thanksgiving classroom activities. Free Thanksgiving Toddler Mini Printable from Preschool Printables Writing, coordination and counting activities for pre-K/K. Save the Turkeys! A Fun Craftivity from Wild About Firsties Writing prompt plus… Read more »

Tech Tuesday: Free math apps for your students!

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In today’s post, Krazyaboutteaching shares a list of her favorite math apps for students. Students love technology. Using free educational apps in the primary grades is an excellent way to get children excited about learning. Today’s focus will be on math apps. Krazyaboutteaching shares 7 free math apps for iPhone/iPad that are fun and educational!… Read more »

Reading workshop tip

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Do you want to start a Reader’s Workshop in you classroom? Need some tips to get started? Teaching Upstairs shares some great advice about implementing and mastering Reader’s Workshop. I have to admit that I am a Reader’s and Writer’s Workshop junkie, and I love scouring the web looking for new ideas to integrate into my classroom. I have… Read more »

Speech and language enhancing therapy tips

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Here are some tips for enhancing speech and language skills in early communicators from Twin Speech, Language & Literacy LLC. 1. Provide prompts to help stimulate communication Having toys and/or prompts that encourage the act of mimicking vocalizations can be beneficial. Prompts that can be utilized are old cell phones, a WhisperPhone, microphones (toy echo microphones… Read more »

Shopkeepers can leverage rewards program updates

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We hope you have seen the exciting news regarding recent updates to our rewards program. This is great news for our members, who can now earn more reward dollars, and it is also great for our shopkeepers, who benefit from members spending more with their reward dollars! We encourage you to think of ways to… Read more »

Thinking about Thanksgiving?

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Thanksgiving is traditionally a time we teach about Native Americans, pilgrims and harvest traditions in U.S. elementary schools. But, there are also excellent ways to incorporate science seamlessly into a Thanksgiving unit. Shopkeeper STEM Roots shares how in today’s post. Do you know the secret behind the first Thanksgiving harvest success? Science! There’s a plethora… Read more »