Ways to build positive relationships between home and school

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Everyone seems to be filled with chatter about New Year’s resolutions lately. Do you hope to have better communication between home and school in 2015? Here are some tips and ideas from Sunshine and Lollipops to work together with parents to build positive relationships to enhance students’ education. Home and school communication is so important…. Read more »

Active kids make better learners

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You’ve seen the glazed look on your students faces. They’ve entered the zoned out, checked out, I’ve-got-to-get-out-of-here period of instruction. Here’s some quick tips from Peaceful Playgrounds Shop on getting them refocused and ready to learn. Basic vs super charged brain breaks A basic brain break is a two or three minute break away from… Read more »

Why games for children?

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No doubt, games are fun and engaging, and we might even contemplate on using them for learning for that reason alone, but games are actually more than that.EduCafe shares why games are important for developing skills in children. Games require deep thinking; they are more than technologies, they serve as an indicative of wider gap… Read more »

Confessions of a teacher-mother

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Jewel Pastor shares her experience balancing work and family in today’s blog post. Almost six months after my daughter was born, I found myself going back to work. Though my little family’s life is filled with new found joy and laughter because of the arrival of our first child, our savings were quickly diminishing and… Read more »

Getting started with inquiry based learning

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Have you thought about teaching through Inquiry this school year? It all begins with effective ways to start inquiry discussion circles in the classroom. Mrs. Naufal’s Nook shares some tips for getting started. Think of your inquiry circle as a positive time to build and establish a solid classroom community.  Once the foundation is established,… Read more »