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Math Apps that help students practice their basic facts are very important in my classroom. When I find one that becomes a favorite, I have to share. I use this app with my second and third grade math students. It is a called Sushi Monster (ITunes: Free; Ages 9-11). This app was created by Scholastic.

This game helps students to improve their fact fluency by writing addition and multiplication number sentences that equal a given target number. Watching the monster gobble up the sushi is equally entertaining. Students begin at the first level with basic addition and multiplication facts, then move on to extended facts using multiples of 10. The goal is for students to apply the strategies they used when solving basic facts to extended or mult-idigit addition and multiplication problems. The game is timed to help encourage students to improve their speed and accuracy.

My students love it! Some have even downloaded this game on their IPad and tell me when they have moved on to higher levels. A great way for our child to practice their addition and multiplication. 




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