Unlike many illnesses, Autism is especially difficult to discuss because we are still looking to understand just what it is and how Autism works.

Autism_Awareness_RibbonSo how can you use this opportunity to teach your students about Autism, what it is, and how they can help?

In today’s internet age it’s easy. In fact, these 3 short videos (under 7 minutes) are ideal ways to kick off your classroom discussions:


Brother with AutismWhat it’s like to have a brother with Autism
This video from Spencer Timme does a magnificent job of showing that a typical day for him and his autistic brother, Mitchel is fun one. Filled with great music and poignant insights without being preachy, this video is perfect for just about any classroom. It goes to show that just because someone may be Autistic doesn’t mean they can’t have a wonderful, active life.


Autism freed me How Autism freed me to be myself
As children, and even as adults, one of the greatest fears we have is being ridiculed for who we really are. We only want to fit in. In this riveting discussion, Rosie King chronicles her journey at a recent TED talk and what she sees living in the world with Autism. Funny, touching and amazingly detailed, Rosie makes some incredible observations that will challenge what you may understand Autism to be.


Autistic Boy Explains AutismAutistic boy explains Autism
Spoken from the heart and realistic, hearing Dylan talk about what life is like for a 19 year old boy dealing with Autism, you may forget you’re watching a video. Discussing what he likes, Dylan talks about watching cartoons, reading comic books and drinking soda, which many children and teenagers will relate to, and what life is like for him. Genuine, real and heartfelt, this video is a great complement to the other videos above.


Whether you use one or all three of these videos, we hope these videos inspired you to use your classroom to help your students understand more about Autism.

But we are curious,how are you talking about Autism? What are your student’s biggest questions?

Enter your thoughts below!


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