March is Women’s History Month which makes it the perfect time to celebrate and study some of the great women who have shaped the history of not just America but the whole world. Whether you’re teaching about Amelia Earhart, Rosie the Riveter and how women helped win the World Wars, the Women’s suffrage movement or great author’s like Toni Morrison and Emily Dickinson you can find great, teacher-created products on these groundbreaking women at Teacher’s Notebook.

A great way to quickly find a list of the most popular materials for National Women’s History Month is by using the Upcoming Events calendar. This lets you quickly sort materials out by subject so, regardless of what class you teach, you can easily find materials to help engage your students. While there be sure to check out our materials for other upcoming holidays including the Ides of March and St. Patrick’s Day!

What famous women of history will you be teaching your students about?

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