Helping a student understand a lesson is one the most daunting challenges a teacher faces. In fact, understanding the material is the key element for a student’s success in the classroom.

So what do you do when a student is dyslexic or exhibits symptoms of dyslexia? You may want to consider the font you are using in your handouts and learning materials.

According to a recent report, people that suffer from Dyslexia unconsciously jumble the letters they read in their mind. Traditional fonts and typefaces such as Times New Roman, Arial and Helvetica can make the problem worse because some of the letters look similar to each other. For example, the letters ‘b’ and ‘d’ can be very hard to decipher for a dyslexic student.

Thankfully, special fonts such as OpenDyslexic have been developed to make it easier for students with Dyslexia to learn and read with more confidence. OpenDyslexic is a free and open source typeface, meaning there are no restrictions for its use in your classroom and Teacher’s Notebook materials. In fact, OverDrive recently added the OpenDyslexic font to their popular app with tremendous success, making reading easier for students.

So the next time you are creating a product for your shop, think about your audience and the students they are working with. If your product serves students with Dyslexia – or teachers who may be working with dyslexic students – you may want to design it with a font that’s easier for everyone to read.

It may be the difference between a successful product and one that fails.

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